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Fruity and with a character

New coffee: Alonso

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From our farms or allied producers

Harvested, roasted, delivered.

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Yes, in Medellin

Roasting one small
batch at a time.

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Shipping directly from Medellin, Colombia

Farm to table
meets coffee.

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Getting coffee from a farm into your hands is a painstaking process. It normally takes several months, many intermediaries, and slow trips across land and sea. In the end, what you get is usually coffee that has been on a shelf for a long time after being roasted too dark by a big corporation. 
 We are here to change that.  

We either grow our own coffee or work with amazing small producers across Colombia.  We roast these coffees in small batches here in Medellín, not far from the farms, and FedEx it directly to your home or office.  It's that simple.

PERGAMINO fresh coffee delivered from Colombia