Finca Lomaverde (2 x 1lb bags)

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Hey, we are shipping all the way from Medellin, Colombia, so our minimum order is TWO POUNDS of coffee in order to make the most out of our FedEx shipping rates, which is included in the price you see here. Our recommendation: drink one, give one away, or if just can't help yourself, drink both! 

Sweet and mild, with chocolate and caramel accents and yellow fruit notes.

Lomaverde is the name of our main farm and our signature coffee. Located in the mountains of Santa Bárbara, south of Medellín, this farm has an altitude between 5,400 and 6,400 feet above sea level. The perfect combination of warm days and cold nights provide the ideal climate for the slow but constant development of our coffee beans. This coffee is a great example of the sweet, smooth and bright profiles that best represent Colombian coffee and it is the perfect starting point to discover our different origins and the world of specialty coffee.

FedEx shipping to the US and Canada included.