Buesaco (2 x 1lb bags)

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Hey, we are shipping all the way from Medellin, Colombia, so our minimum order is TWO POUNDS of coffee in order to make the most out of our FedEx shipping rates, which is included in the price you see here. Our recommendation: drink one, give one away, or if just can't help yourself, drink both! 

Black plum, apricot nectar and raw sugarcane.

The small town of Buesaco is nestled in the Juanambú Canyon, a lush Andean valley with a history as dramatic as its breathtaking green cliffs. On a narrow bridge that still stands today, Antonio Nariño and his men fought a critical battle in the struggle for independence — enabling Simón Bolívar’s campaign to forge southward. Almost two centuries later, the region was ravaged by some of the bloodiest clashes between guerrillas and paramilitary groups in Colombian history. Today, however, its incredible speciality coffees are helping to turn the page, and build a brighter future for its people. Thanks to its ideal altitude, dedicated producers, ancient soils of volcanic ash, Buesaco now produces some of Colombia’s finest coffees — with elegant profiles, subtle fruit notes, and touches of flowers and molasses.

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