Urrao (1lb bag)

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Ripe peach, caramel with a floral finish.

Urrao is easily one of the most amazing towns in Antioquia. Secluded and entrenched in the middle of the cordilleras that divide our state, once you start coming down from the mountains and into the town, the view of the Valle del Penderisco is astonishing. This regios has both the people and the agronomical conditions —high altitude, lost of rain and volcanic soil— that are needed to produce dome of the most special coffees of Colombia. This coffee come from 30 great producers. they have they mark in competitions, reaching several top positions in the prestigious Cup of Excellence. easily the most renowned competition in the coffee world. With them, as with the other producers from which we buy coffee, we have agreed on a long term relationship, guaranteeing a high, and sustainable price for the coffee that meet our quality standards.

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