Gesha Special Edition
(1lb bag)

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Jasmine, citrus and subtle notes of sweet mango.

The tree varietal behind our special edition of Gesha is truly unique. As many of you know, Ethiopia is where it all started -- where the first coffee in the historical record was grown, and the first coffee seeds originated before making their journey around the globe. What most of you probably don't know, is that some of the world's most amazing coffee is still grown in Ethiopia -- thanks to its exceptional tree varietals. One of these varietals is Gesha. Delicate, stubborn and highly unproductive, this varietal (also spelled Geisha) produces a cup of coffee with notes of jasmine and citrus, highly distinctive among almost all other coffees, except some of the best still produced in Ethiopia. This specific lot was produced by the Lasso family at Finca el Trapiche, a small, beautiful farm. It was also processed as a semi-washed, or "honey", which adds notes of sweet mango.