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About Pergamino

So... let's keep this simple:

  1. This is 100% family owned business, started four decades ago by our father, Pedro Echavarria. 
  2. For the first 35 years, we only produced coffee and sold it at commodity prices, we had our good years and our bad years, the last years were almost all bad. Production costs kept climbing in Colombia and the market did not.
  3. 5 years ago we started exporting our coffee directly (green, not roasted) to great craft coffee roasters in the US and the rest of the world. 
  4. 3 years ago we started roasting and a opened beautiful small coffee shop in our home city of Medellin. We wanted our local and foreign  visitors to have access to the best coffees of Colombia, well roasted and well prepared by professional baristas. This was basically impossible to find in Colombia 4 years ago.
  5. We started our allied producer program, doing for others what nobody did for us before we started exporting: providing access to a market that was looking for excellence in cup quality and was willing to pay for it. We are helping create a prosperous rural middle class in the regions we work in. These regions have, in the past, been hard hit by drug-fulled violence that of takes advantage of rural poverty.
  6. We realized that the only way to reach our customers away from our stores with amazing and freshly roasted coffee was through online sales, so we started selling online and shipping in both Colombia and the USA! Boom, harvested, roasted, delivered! 

 To get a better picture, literally, watch the following video: