Aponte Honey Limited Edition (1lb bag)

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Red wine, sweet tangerine and a hint of cognac.

Aponte is home to the indigenous Inga community, a group with a long history dating back to the Inca Empire before the Spanish conquest. The town’s geography is as stunning as it is precarious — nestled along a geological fault that has wreaked havoc for the last 10 years, destroying many of the town’s most vital buildings, including the church. But there’s good news. The quality of Aponte’s incredible coffee has boosted the local economy, helping the community overcome the catastrophe little by little.

What’s makes this limited edition coffee special is its unique, painstaking processing.  The beans are dried in the sun and wind in their own mucilage — a process that takes great care, but produces a extremely complex and sweet cup of coffee, like this one.

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