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Medellín: from winter back to eternal spring.

It’s no secret that Medellin's reputation was stained by drugs and violence all throughout the 80's and 90's. It's impossible for a lot of people outside Colombia to hear the word “Medellín” and not immediately think Pablo Escobar and cocaine. The violence that hit our city was deeply attached to an even broader violence that shook rural Colombia and brought it down to its knees. Illegal armed groups fought hard to control territory in order to provide export routes and drug ingredients to the powerful cartels. In return, they made juicy profits that filled their wallets and fueled their war with the state. These groups terrorized the countryside and thousands of innocent people died or had to either place their...

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Our Primavera Edition 

So we wanted to tell you a bit more about our Primavera edition and how we thought it out. To be honest, we only recently started to do blends. As some of you might now, blends tend to be made out of very different coffees and are usually structured in order to make a terrible and cheap coffee drinkable by mixing it with another one that is not so bad. For example, Italian espresso is usually a blend of low grade robustas (think rubber meets dry wood) from Vietnam, that usually go for about half the value of standard Colombian coffees, with some sweeter and brighter coffee from either Africa, Central America or Colombia. So basically blends are done primarily...

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A Simple Introduction to a Unique Coffee Story

Welcome to our blog and to pergamino.co. I would like to warn you that we have NO experience writing blogs and we are just launching our website, so please bare with us and let us know if we are sucking at either. For starters we will just give you a peek into where we come from and how we ended up doing just about everything from planting coffee seeds to shipping bags of freshly roasted coffee through FedEx all the way to the US, or doing pour overs at our shop in Medellin. Hopefully, at the end, you won´t feel this was just another “about us”  story. Our brand is Pergamino, but our company's name is actually Café de Santa Bárbara, in...

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